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Doug Coop for Mayor of Vancouver

Meet Doug Coop

I am the Republican candidate running for the office of Mayor for the City of Vancouver. I am a Patriotic Statesman for good and responsible government. The foundation of my life is The Bible and The Constitution of the United States of America. 

I am married to my wonderful bride of 28 years, Darlene. Our children have given us three beautiful grandchildren. 

I believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility. I look forward to helping Vancouver and its residents to have a fair & honest government. I will lead in such a way as to keep Vancouver prosperous by utilizing good common sense and strong leadership. I am a team-builder and I look forward to bringing great unity to the direction and purpose of the City of Vancouver and her people. 

I am asking for your vote because I believe our city and country is at a turning point. I want only good for this city that I have come to know and love. I personally believe that Vancouver is a key to the ongoing prosperity here in Washington State.

If I am elected, you can count on this one thing; that as Mayor, I will unequivocally stand for freedom of religion & worship, the right to free speech, the right to defend ourselves and our family, as well as the right to pursue a life of purpose and happiness, which is not to be infringed upon by any governmental edict or unconstitutional reasoning, period. 

Thank you and God Bless,
Doug Coop


Elected Experience:

This is my first venture running for an elected political office. However, I have been involved in numerous Patriotic movements since the early 90’s. I have wholeheartedly participated in politics by supporting and campaigning for Republican candidates and even promoted and supported the efforts of the Tea Party Movement. I am a newcomer to elected office, but a seasoned pro in community service.

Doug Coop - Presidential Advisory Board Member

Presidential Advisory Board Member
for 45th President Donald J. Trump

Doug Coop - Republican National Committee

Republican National Committee
Presidential Advisory Board Member

Doug Coop - National Rifle Association of America

National Rifle Association of America
Life Member

Community Service:

I have served the communities that I have lived in and given joyfully of my time and talents through the Christian church. I have been active in my community and church for over thirty years. Additionally, after giving my whole life to Jesus Christ in 1976, God started using my musical talents that had developed over my professional musical career to lead in worship and serve as a leader that brought many others into Christian service through the church.

Currently, as well as serving in my local church, I work with two churches here in Vancouver each week to feed and serve our local homeless population. It is troubling to see the difficult situation that the homeless population lives in on a daily basis. I know that better choices can be made by these persons, but education and some limited resources must be provided to get them out of their dire circumstances. I have personally witnessed the terrible and profound effects that drugs can have on a person and their prospects for a rewarding life.

We are out on the streets every Wednesday evening on St Johns Blvd., as well as serving every last Saturday of the month at Share House Vancouver. This is a heartbreaking situation that affects all of us here in Vancouver and it will only be solved through hard work and prayer.


I am asking for your vote and support because I believe our city and country are at a turning point.

Other Professional Experience

Assistant General Manager – Pacific Printers Honolulu, Hawaii (1981-88)
Marketing and Purchasing – Bowman & Sons Printers (1988-1994)
Senior Account Executive – West Rock Intl. Packaging & Distribution (1997-2017)


Graduated Radford High School Honolulu, HI. I received higher training in printing software development at Colorado Springs Tech School. Moved to Las Vegas to further my professional growth and experience a state-of-the-art printing industry that was booming with many career opportunities. Over time, I was elected to the position of Education and Scholarship Chair of the Las Vegas Printing House of Craftsmen.

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Doug Coop for Mayor of Vancouver

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